Boudoir photography on a bed

In a continuing series about locations for boudoir photography, we look at using a bed as a prop for sexy photography.

Most couples use a bed for sex most of the time. Of course, it is fun to spice things up by doing it in different locations, but the bed just tends to be the most comfortable and convenient. When producing sexy photos, we want to convey the possibility to the viewer that sex is imminent. Therefore, a bed is a natural location to use for boudoir photos.

Here is an example:

model in a bra lying on a bed illustrating boudoir photography on a bed
Model Chrystal Loya shows how boudoir photography on a bed can be sexy.

This photo makes use of lingerie to show sexiness, and also uses the bed to imply a sense of intimacy with the viewer.

Here is another example:

nude woman on bed covered by a sheet and pillow illustrating boudoir photography on a bed
Model AzariaZia shows how boudoir photography on a bed is sexy.

In this photo, even though she is completely covered, you can tell that she is also nude. This photo combines the concepts of showing what is not normally seen with the intimacy of a bed and being completely undressed.

One more example:

woman with the lingerie straps off her shoulder and taking her panties off to illustrate boudoir photography on a bed
Chelsea Christian illustrates boudoir photography on a bed and clothing coming off

In this photo, she is completely covered, but providing a sense of intimacy and the possibility of sex by removing clothing.

To summarize this blog post, using a bed for boudoir photography is great because it shows an intimacy with the viewer and hints that sex might be imminent. This expression of intimacy due to location is effective both mentally for you and visually to the viewer of the photos. If you want to show how sexy you are, contact me to book a boudoir session today.

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Kenneth Ingham

I have been taking photos since I receied my first camera around 1970. I sold my first photo in the 1980s. Since then, many magazines, newspapers, textbooks, web sites, and even National Geographic Television have used my photos. Many pf my photos have been honored with awards, including several "Best in Show". I believe that sexy is a state of mind, not an age, weight, ethnicity, or amount of clothing. I am happy working with individuals and couples of all types. Contact me today to schedule an in-home, in-hotel, or in nature photo session showing how sexy and beautiful you are!

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