Lighting and shadows show shape

Here is another example of why having a professional take your photos is better than a selfie or a friend with a cell phone camera. A professional will make use of light to show good parts of your shape and minimize parts you do not want shown.

Professionals have experience with lighting, and they often have lighting equipment to shape the light to what they want. What this means is that they can control the light to highlight what they want to show (your best features), and minimize what they do not want to show (any flaws). Careful lighting means that your shape is visible when that is what should be shows. Shadows define shape, and a careful, soft shadow can do wonders at showing your curves. For example, look at this photo of the lovely DaKarra:

woman looking into the distance, with soft light showing her shape
Notice the shadow on her right breast, how it slowly goes from light to dark which conveys the shape.

Notice that her cleavage is really obvious. This is due to the shadow on her right (away from the camera) breast. It slowly goes from a highlight to dark, showing the shape. You can also see similar shadows showing the shape of her cheeks and the curve of the side of her body.

As another example, here is a beautiful backlit photo:

backlit woman silhouette showing her lovely shape
You can see the wonderful shape of the model in this silhouette.

Her shape shows because the light is used to create a silhouette. Since she has a great shape, I used the back light to highlight it.

What this means is that by working with a professional, you will get better photos. Pros use lighting to create shadows to highlight shape when it is a good thing to be showing.

Lighting is one of my best skills, so maybe you should contact me to schedule your boudoir session.