Boudoir photography on a bed

In a continuing series about locations for boudoir photography, we look at using a bed as a prop for sexy photography.

Most couples use a bed for sex most of the time. Of course, it is fun to spice things up by doing it in different locations, but the bed just tends to be the most comfortable and convenient. When producing sexy photos, we want to convey the possibility to the viewer that sex is imminent. Therefore, a bed is a natural location to use for boudoir photos.

Here is an example:

model in a bra lying on a bed illustrating boudoir photography on a bed
Model Chrystal Loya shows how boudoir photography on a bed can be sexy.

This photo makes use of lingerie to show sexiness, and also uses the bed to imply a sense of intimacy with the viewer.

Here is another example:

nude woman on bed covered by a sheet and pillow illustrating boudoir photography on a bed
Model AzariaZia shows how boudoir photography on a bed is sexy.

In this photo, even though she is completely covered, you can tell that she is also nude. This photo combines the concepts of showing what is not normally seen with the intimacy of a bed and being completely undressed.

One more example:

woman with the lingerie straps off her shoulder and taking her panties off to illustrate boudoir photography on a bed
Chelsea Christian illustrates boudoir photography on a bed and clothing coming off

In this photo, she is completely covered, but providing a sense of intimacy and the possibility of sex by removing clothing.

To summarize this blog post, using a bed for boudoir photography is great because it shows an intimacy with the viewer and hints that sex might be imminent. This expression of intimacy due to location is effective both mentally for you and visually to the viewer of the photos. If you want to show how sexy you are, contact me to book a boudoir session today.

Lingerie and sexiness

woman in a red babydoll lingerie lying on her back on a bed
Model Chrystal Loya shows how lingerie can be sexy.

When considering what to wear for boudoir photos, an obvious choice is lingerie. In this post, we will look at lingerie and sexiness.

As mentioned in a prior post, showing something that is not normally seen can be sexy. Since lingerie is clothing not normally seen, showing it can be sexy.

a woman wearing a red bra showing sexiness and lingerie
Model and performer Ashli Mayo provides yet another illustration of lingerie and sexiness.
A whole industry exists equating lingerie with sexiness. Think about brands like Victoria’s Secret, Venus lingerie, Fredrick’s of Hollywood, as a few simple examples. Looking at the comments on lingerie for sale at Amazon, you see comments about how meeting a partner wearing sexy lingerie “works”. For example, look at some of the reviews on this page. One says, “I tried it on and my man was like DAMN GIRL, LETS DO THIS.” You can find example reviews like this on most of the lingerie that they sell.

woman showing lingerie and sexiness
Model Gisele Serna shows how a bit of see-through enhances the sexiness of lingerie
Some lingerie is also somewhat see-through, which can provide a hint of what is underneath. This example is one more showing what is normally seen. The combination of the two can be devastatingly sexy.

One more important part of lingerie and sexiness is that what you wear can affect how you feel about yourself. When you feel you are beautiful and sexy, you are. Knowing that you are wearing something alluring can set your mental attitude to “sexy”, and this shows in the resulting images.

To summarize this blog post, lingerie is usually sexy because it reveals something not shown to the world. This expression of intimacy through uncovering is effective both mentally for you and visually to the viewer of the photos. If you want to show how sexy you are, contact me to book a boudoir session today.

What is Sexy: A connection with the viewer

Remembering the definition of “sexy”, sexy photos cause arousal and imply the (fantasy) that sex is possible or maybe even imminent. This means that, most times, the subject needs to have a connection with the viewer. The easiest way for this is for the subject to be looking into the camera, so there is eye contact with the viewer. For example, here is a photo of the lovely Nikkii:

sexy woman looking straight at the camera creating a connection with the viewer
The eye contact from this beautiful woman really gives a connection between her and the viewer.

However, the arousal can also come without eye contact, if the rest of the photo sets a mood or scene where sex might be occurring soon. For example, in this photo of Chelsea Christian, she is pulling on her top in a way that will expose more skin.

woman pulling on the straps of her sexy top
This photo is sexy even though she is not looking at the viewer because there is the intimacy of being on a bed and her action of pulling her clothing in a way that might make it come off or reveal more.

This connection explains why some nudes are non-sexy or far less sexy than photos showing much less skin, even though the nudes show what is not normally seen. Examples include most bodyscapes, many art models for figure studies and the resulting fine-art nudes, and ethnographic photography.

What is sexy: showing what is not normally seen (NSFW)

In my (over-)analysis of what is sexy, my next observation is that showing things that are not normally seen can be sexy. By showing something not normally shown, a certain intimacy is implied, and the sharing of it with the viewer can be quite special moment. The idea is that if you see these areas, you might be moving closer to sex, at least in the viewer’s mind, if not in reality. This is why a low-cut dress is sexier than one with a high neck, and why a short skirt is usually sexier than a floor-length one.

Examples of showing what is not normally seen

Think about underwear. Pretty much by definition, it is worn under other clothing, and hence not seen. However, a glimpse of it can be quite sexy.

Another example that really turns some people (and not others) on is tan lines (marie claire, Betty Confidential, the Frisky, Yahoo answers). Areas that are light are areas that are normally covered. Tan lines imply that the person is normally more modest than in the photo; they are something that is not normally seen. The untanned areas are a dual eye attractant—they are both light and they are an area normally unseen.

Yet another example is the area between the breasts. For example, think about a dress with a neckline that plunges to the navel. The “between-boob” area, while shown more often than some other areas, is still not something that is shown in most day-to-day life (unless you live a very interesting life or in a warmer climate that I do :-). Similarly, underboob and sideboob are much less often shown. Therefore, showing them can be quite sexy without showing nipples.

The next-to-last example is the butt. Most swimsuits cover more than “absolutely necessary”; the minimum seems to be what I have heard called, “butt floss”, where a single string goes in the butt crack and widens just enough to cover the genital area; basically, a g-string. Since this much butt is not often shown, showing it can be sexy.

Showing more implies intimacy

Finally, one of the major reasons that nudity can be sexy is that showing everything implies a great deal of intimacy. This can be an obvious prelude to arousal and (imagined) sex, concepts discussed in earlier blog entries (1, 2). One of the few times that nipples and the genital area are normally (in the US) seen is when about to engage in sex. This is what sexy photos are all about—creating the illusion that sex is possible and maybe even imminent.

Showing what is normally hidden can easily be combined with removing clothes, a subject of a prior blog post. After all, if something is coming off, whatever is underneath is showing—underwear, tan lines, or skin.

Another thing that strongly affects this topic is the culture. I live in the US, where showing breasts and the pubic area is frequently against the law, even if done in a completely non-sexual way. Whether or not I agree with this (I don’t) is immaterial. Normally, more than just pasties and a g-string are required to be out in public. What it means is that in the US, more-or-less everything in this blog post applies.

However, I was in Copenhagen a few years ago. There, people of both gender would go to the public park, remove their top and often strip down to just their briefs/panties. They would then lie down and soak up the sun. For Danes then, there is less that is “not shown”. Hopefully, someone from Europe will comment and provide more insight about what is “not shown” and how it relates to sexy.

On the other side of the covered/uncovered spectrum are cultures such as those in north Africa and southwest Asia. From several visits to south Asia, this paragraph applies there nearly as much. There, women are often covered much more. This means that people are not accustomed to seeing much skin, and any skin can be sexy, even to the point that some men claim that the sight of female skin drives them insane with desire.

Here are a few photos illustrating this concept. This first one nearly shows “too much”, but the hint at betweenboob behind her hair and the obvious underboob show that Alicia in a sexy way.
a woman's breast, covered but showing the bottom and inside area

Candace has seen some sun, but not always wearing the same clothing. Therefore, her tan line is not a sharp one. There’s also a bit of betweenboob at work to make this image sexy, as well as the implied about to show more, all of which make this a sexy image.

woman pulling her top down to reveal lighter skinon her breast
Some parts of Candace have seen more sun than other areas.

In this photo, there is both the underboob, betweenboob, as well as wearing only underwear. In other words, there is a lot shown here that is not shown in public. Of course, the fact that she’s stunningly beautiful does not hurt either.

woman with hands over her nipples wearing only panties
Showing what is not often shown helps make this a sexy photo.

What is sexy: clothes coming off

Returning to the idea of what is sexy, anything that implies that the potential of sex is getting closer is going to work well. This means that removing clothes can imply that sex is more likely to occur.

This does not mean that all photos showing clothing removal are sexy; think about preparing for a doctor’s exam or colonoscopy. In those cases, sex is (probably) not getting closer. There are always the fantasies about a hot doctor or nurse, but that is a subject for another blog entry.

One way to indicate that things are moving in the “right” direction are either a sexy look from the subject, especially with a “come hither” look or “bedroom eyes”. Another is to use a location associated with sex, such as a bedroom. Or, it could be outside with a blanket at a picnic in a secluded spot. The photo just needs to draw the viewer into the idea of sex and arousal.

Nudity is not required when removing clothing. The clothing can still cover what you do not show at the beach. The photo could show a bare shoulder as the subject removes her or his shirt. It could be the act of unfastening a bra. It could be untying a string holding clothing on. The subject could be wearing clothing that is already unfastened, but still on, for example an unbuttoned shirt. There are also photos of just the subject’s legs, with underwear around the ankles. Even if she or he is still wearing another pair of underwear in the “normal” place.

Here is a photo of beautiful AzariaZia. The combination of the robe coming off her shoulder as well as her facial expression really makes this a sexy photo.

woman with her robe slipping off of her shoulder illustrating clothes coming off
Alicia with her robe coming off

Here is another example of the same concept.

back view of a woman with her hand by her neck and her shirt lowered showing bare shoulders
A beautiful woman with her shirt off of her shoulders.

Here is another one. In this case, her bra is off and she is looking back to see if you are going to follow her. Her look has an invitation in it, making the photo sexy.

woman looking back with her bra handing over her shoulder illustrating clothes coming off
Pyrophilia without lots of clothing.

Finally, here is Chelsea Christian with her top coming off.
woman pulling her top down between her breasts

All people appearing in these photos have signed a written release allowing me to use the photos.

If you are interested in having sexy photos taken, check out my sexy photo web gallery and then contact me. I travel a lot, so you do not need to be in Albuquerque.

Web Definitions of “Sexy”

Earlier, I wrote some of my ideas about what is “sexy”. Today, I am looking at what other people think it means.

A definition I read said that sexy means “Arousing desire” and “Anticipation of sexual activity”. Both of these make me think about burlesque performers. Good ones do a great job of arousing desire and teasing about possible sexual activity that might result, even though (unless the performance is a private one for their partner), nothing will happen. She and the audience both know this, but the sexiness is still there.

A great photo site that tries to answer the question is What is Sexy. It is a collection of photos that the web site owner thinks are sexy. I agree with most of his/her selections. I also note that:

  • The subject is nearly always looking into the camera, at least indirectly. This provides more data for my hypothesis that sexiness requires a connection between the subject and viewer.
  • Most subjects are mostly clothed (the site does have a work filter engaged by default). This observation fuels my belief (pointed out first by my wife) that hints are sexier than showing everything. The “tease” is important.
  • Smiling helps, although it is not absolutely required.
  • For me, smoking spoils any sexiness..

One thing I note about this web site is that all of the women are thin. I strongly believe that weight is not a determining factor of sexiness.

Anton Therapy noted that just using the term “sexy” in her blog posts has increased readership. It is a humorous look at society, and worth a read, especially for some of the unusual search terms people have used (“sexy executions”?). All of the photos she posted are of thin women with large boobs, which I think unfairly reinforces the stereotype of what kind of body you must have in order to be sexy. The only one that I think is really sexy is the first one, the one looking into the camera. The others are just pictures of beautiful women.

Dante Feenix (is that a real name?) wrote a blog entry, What is sexy? Because young people don’t seem to know…. He noted that when you dress up to go to a party, you are giving your definition of “sexy”. While I do not think that this occurs all the time (you are attached and going to a party with friends?), I am sure it is true sometimes. He also notes that an attitude of “I’m so much more than you see” is part of being sexy.

At RU Sexy?, they claim that sexiness has three factors image (in particular, self image), confidence, and attitude. They have a “test” you can take to see how sexy you are. How accurate or predictive the test is, I’m not sure.

So, what have you run across that defines “sexy”?

Later additions:
No real definitions, but Gino has good pictures illustrating sexiness.

What is “Sexy”?

Woman wearing a purple shirt and nothing else
Candace in a Purple Shirt

One type of photo that I particularly like is what I call, “Sexy Photos”. This style is similar to boudoir photos, but not necessarily taken in the bedroom (boudoir is French for bedroom). While I am sure that similar observations apply to male subjects, all of my experience to this point is with women.

In going through the photos I have taken so far (not all are publicly available), I have come up with the following observations:

  • Sexy has no age limits. I have met older women who are far sexier than some beautiful models.
  • Sexy has no required body type. I have seen larger women who are sexier than women who are smaller and more classically “beautiful”. Some (but not all) of the women who classify themselves as “big, beautiful women (BBW)” are in this category.
  • Of particular note, big boobs are not a requirement for being sexy. And, a boob job often makes women lo less sexy.

What this really means is that sexy is a state of mind. If you believe you are sexy, you are.

Woman in a cave wearing a bikini and boots, with tree roots hanging down
Roots and Boots

For photos, I have noticed a few other things:

  • When the subject looks into the camera, it makes a big difference. This is not absolutely required (for example, see the photo to the right), but this is true of most of the photos I think are sexy.
  • Sexy is not the same as nude. Many (but not all) nude images are not sexy. Think about artistic nudes. For that matter, very little pornography is really “sexy”.
  • Sexy is not the same as “erotic”. Erotic normally has more sex and less fun as the emphasis. I bet this point is one for debate, because I suspect not everybody agrees with my distinction between the two. Let’s discuss it through the comments.
  • Often there is a tease component to the image, saying, “I won’t show it to you right now, but maybe later.” Contemporary burlesque dancers specialize in this tease part. Many of them are very sexy, and not all are thin.
  • There is often flirting with the camera (and hence, the viewer of the resulting image). I ran across a great book by Violet Blue about flirting, and much of the advice applies to still images as well as being sexy for your special someone.
  • Sexy is fun. The model and photographer should be enjoying the photo session; this shows in the resulting images.
  • Comfort is essential for sexiness. This means both physically as well as mentally comfortable.

Again, it seems to come down to the mental state of the person in the photo. When she believes she is sexy, she is.

If you are interested in having sexy photos taken, check out my sexy photo web gallery and then contact me. I travel a lot, so you do not need to be in Albuquerque.

This topic is one I will be continuing to research, and I am sure that I will have additional blog posts on the topic. Let me know what you think the definition of “sexy” is.

All people appearing in these photos have signed a written release allowing me to use the photos.