Photographers I respect: Monica Motor

There are several photographers whose work I respect. They all have the skills to produce excellent images. For blog entries in this series about photographers I respect, I will introduce each one of them. In many cases, I know them only through their work. In other cases, I personally know the photographer.

The first photographer I will mention is Monica Motor. She is a photographer in Poland. What I like most about her photos is the clear mastery of lighting that she shows. She uses lighting to show shape. She also uses it to hide flaws, although I doubt that any of the models in her photos have may flaws. Look at her portfolio of women, and in particular, look at their noses. The light always shows the model’s nose perfectly.

I would be interested in seeing what she can do with a more diverse collection of models, especially models who are older and/or larger. Given her control of lighting, I suspect that she could do a fine job with them.

One criticism I have of the photos is that several of the models have rounded shoulders. Since good posture is sexy, I think that the women in her photos would be even more attractive if they had good posture.