What is Sexy: A connection with the viewer

Remembering the definition of “sexy”, sexy photos cause arousal and imply the (fantasy) that sex is possible or maybe even imminent. This means that, most times, the subject needs to have a connection with the viewer. The easiest way for this is for the subject to be looking into the camera, so there is eye contact with the viewer. For example, here is a photo of the lovely Nikkii:

sexy woman looking straight at the camera creating a connection with the viewer
The eye contact from this beautiful woman really gives a connection between her and the viewer.

However, the arousal can also come without eye contact, if the rest of the photo sets a mood or scene where sex might be occurring soon. For example, in this photo of Chelsea Christian, she is pulling on her top in a way that will expose more skin.

woman pulling on the straps of her sexy top
This photo is sexy even though she is not looking at the viewer because there is the intimacy of being on a bed and her action of pulling her clothing in a way that might make it come off or reveal more.

This connection explains why some nudes are non-sexy or far less sexy than photos showing much less skin, even though the nudes show what is not normally seen. Examples include most bodyscapes, many art models for figure studies and the resulting fine-art nudes, and ethnographic photography.