What is sexy: clothes coming off

Returning to the idea of what is sexy, anything that implies that the potential of sex is getting closer is going to work well. This means that removing clothes can imply that sex is more likely to occur.

This does not mean that all photos showing clothing removal are sexy; think about preparing for a doctor’s exam or colonoscopy. In those cases, sex is (probably) not getting closer. There are always the fantasies about a hot doctor or nurse, but that is a subject for another blog entry.

One way to indicate that things are moving in the “right” direction are either a sexy look from the subject, especially with a “come hither” look or “bedroom eyes”. Another is to use a location associated with sex, such as a bedroom. Or, it could be outside with a blanket at a picnic in a secluded spot. The photo just needs to draw the viewer into the idea of sex and arousal.

Nudity is not required when removing clothing. The clothing can still cover what you do not show at the beach. The photo could show a bare shoulder as the subject removes her or his shirt. It could be the act of unfastening a bra. It could be untying a string holding clothing on. The subject could be wearing clothing that is already unfastened, but still on, for example an unbuttoned shirt. There are also photos of just the subject’s legs, with underwear around the ankles. Even if she or he is still wearing another pair of underwear in the “normal” place.

Here is a photo of beautiful AzariaZia. The combination of the robe coming off her shoulder as well as her facial expression really makes this a sexy photo.

woman with her robe slipping off of her shoulder illustrating clothes coming off
Alicia with her robe coming off

Here is another example of the same concept.

back view of a woman with her hand by her neck and her shirt lowered showing bare shoulders
A beautiful woman with her shirt off of her shoulders.

Here is another one. In this case, her bra is off and she is looking back to see if you are going to follow her. Her look has an invitation in it, making the photo sexy.

woman looking back with her bra handing over her shoulder illustrating clothes coming off
Pyrophilia without lots of clothing.

Finally, here is Chelsea Christian with her top coming off.
woman pulling her top down between her breasts

All people appearing in these photos have signed a written release allowing me to use the photos.

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