Posture and sexiness: good posture is sexy

It is quite possible that a parent (my mother, in my case) spent a lot of time as you were growing up to get you to have good posture, and avoid slouching.  Well, your mom or dad was right.  Besides any other health benefits of good posture, you look more confident, more slender, and sexier when you have good posture.  Let’s look more into posture and sexiness.

Examples of poor and good posture

Compare these two photos of beautiful AzariaZia:

a sexy woman with rounded shoulders
Even though she is beautiful, her posture means she is not as atrractive as she could be. Poor posture also makes her look heavier than she really is.

sexy woman with good posture.
Bringing her shoulders back makes a real difference in her appearance. Notice also the curve of her back, and she looks more slender.

In the first photo, her shoulders are rounded forward and her spine is not straight.  This means that she does not have a lumbar curve. This curve adds to sexiness when it is visible.  Even when it is not visible, the effects of having a good curve in the lower part of the spine show up in much of the rest of the body, and it’s all good.  You can see the curve showing up in the second photo.

Having her shoulders and spine rounded in the first photo means that her chest is concave.   For a woman, this hides the breasts and makes them look like they are sagging.  For a man, a broad chest is sexy, not a caved-in one. Again, this is fixed in the second photo.

Supporting data about posture being sexy

I am not the only one who things good posture is sexy. For example, Don R. Osborn said that “posture was comparable to body build in influencing attractiveness” (in Beauty is as Beauty Does?: Makeup and Posture Effects on Physical Attractiveness Judgments, in Journal of Applied Social Psychology 26: 31–51. doi: 10.1111/j.1559-1816.1996.tb01837.x). In other words, posture is as important as how your body is shaped in determining attractiveness.

Another person promoting posture for sexiness is Geoff Girvitz, a gym owner and fitness blogger notes “Posture is a significant indicator of youth, vitality and mental state.” (in The First Sexy Posture Article). This article has specific advice on how to improve your posture for improved sexiness. And, there are some sexy photos to back it up. You need to undo the effects of spending a lot of time sitting at a desk, so go read it (as soon as you are done here :-).

Speaking of exercises, Isaac Odim also has an article about exercises to help you improve your posture. In The Power of Posture: Easy exercises to look more confident and sexy, he provides several exercises that address specific posture problems. It’s another article worth checking out after you finish reading mine.

Finally, Health Habits notes in Physical Attraction, Sexiness and Health…The Female Edition that posture is a general indicator of good health, a trait that is attractive. After all, a healthy mate is likely to produce healthy offspring.

What this means for photography

What you want in a photo is to have a chest that is open, both vertically as well as horizontally. Many of us in the US are unaware of our posture, and hours of sitting at a desk rarely helps. On the other hand, yoga, many (all?) types of dance, and other activities that require that you be mindful of your body help improve your posture. When I was doing at least 30 minutes of yoga a day, a photographer friend commented that my posture was the best he had seen.

When I am photographing someone, I work to be aware of the subject’s posture. This was the case for these two photos—I noticed the problem and she immediately corrected it in the next photo. When I was processing the photos, the difference between the two photos was so striking that I knew it had to be a blog post.